After reading some rants abut stupid project managers I remembered this situation that happened to me a decade ago.
One of the tasks was to move some html component to different place on the page. The whole page was a mix trs and tds and to achieve that I had to rewrite the whole page structure. I estimated around half a day to complete that task. It was my first job and I was not great back then, but still it was reasonable amount for this task.

Now lets introduce my PM : the guy was a complete tool. He was a former hardware store manager ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and had no idea what we were doing.
He started ranting how on earth such simple task can takes so much time. I started explaining myself, but he wasn't listening. Instead he started sharing his screen, he made a screenshot of the page, pasted it to the ms paint, cut the component, and moved it to desired place. Then he said : It took me like 10 sec to complete the task and I have no experience, maybe I will replace you?
I was speechless. I had no words and I just kept silence.
Then he said he would reassign this task to X, because he is competent.
X spend more then 4 hours and I heard no apologies.

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    I’d be curious to know how things turned out for that PM. Even working in hardware he should’ve known things aren’t as cut and dry as he thought
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    This is next level lol
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    That is golden level of stupidity
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    Correct answer: "Wow, it looks so easy when you do it. Nice job. I will do another ticket then..."
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    Hey PM, tell me your an asshole without telling me your an asshole. lol
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    @black-kite This is story for another rant :D
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