I got a really really fast computer from my previous employer with a valid windows 10 license (Enterprise) as a farewell gift when I left them in December 2016.

Yesterday my 3 year old daughter magically entered the Windows Activation window and entered a bogus key.
Since my previous boss doesn't work there anymore and you have to log into the corporate domain to re-enter a valid corporate key.. I was forced to buy a valid key.

Well, at least now the license is mine. But it was expensive...

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    why did you disable UAC
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    You could have bought a Windows 7 licence and upgrade to Windows 10.
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    Yes, but didn't want to remove windows 10 and have to setup my whole developer environment again, settings etc.. If this computer was clean as hell with only pictures, movies etc.. Then yes. I would definitely have installed Windows 7 and upgraded that one to 10 for free.
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