PM/PO/SM/dev(new!): so i've continued working on feature X, i did this and that (shows screenshot of UI in Jira) and for today i'm planning to do XYZ. anyquestionsnothennextoneplease.
me: sorry, i have a question. did you persist your changes in our repo?
PM: no, not yet.
me: okay, please do this, you've spent several days of work on this. i mean, it's fine if build servers don't build it yet, that's what our feature branches are for.
PM: you're absolutely right, and i will definitely do it at some point.
me: at some point?
PM: yes. dev x, your update please.

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    Then again, maybe you're lucky and he does run into local data loss so that you won't have to deal with his probably shitty code. :)
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    I'm really excited to see how long his role list is gonna be at the end.
    And what's gonna be the next title? I don't know, you don't know, when he doesn't know yet! One of the great riddles of our time
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    @CodingPeasant actually, atm there is even a slight hope that this list could be a bit shorter soon. we'll see what future brings, i'm as excited as you are :D
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    @soull00t Maybe he's just a generalist, i.e. he can fuck up everything. ^^
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    @soull00t because he'll lose roles or because the roles get even shorter abbreviations?
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    @Fast-Nop and i think this definition is beautiful xD
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    @CodingPeasant the former... stay tuned xD
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    What are the odds that he's bluffing and doesn't actually know how to do a git merge?
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    Lol, I don't know what I expected but this sounds like the most logical outcome haha.
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