My friends, I got caught by the operating system police and mine isn't PCI compliant so I had to fire those fucks over "gaping cultural mismatch".

Stay tuned to discover if I end up realizing my long term goals or if I starve trying.

God windows users are retards

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    @Anchor they never worried about it (I dont have access to prod data), but suddenly the lead felt (I quote) "insulted" because of my choice of OS.
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    @Anchor yeah. First I asked the recruiter if there was any tool that needed windows, he said yes so I used WIndows. Then after 3 month and checking that NONE of the software I was using, he saw I was using linux and told me "no you have to use windows", then felt insulted the day after when he saw me in screensharing trying to do my goddamn job. Caught by the OS police lmao
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