It works locally, it works in Dev, it works in Test, but fails to deploy in UAT. Is it a data issue? I don't know, I don't have permissions to see the UAT database. Literally all I know is that this API is returning 500 instead of what it's supposed to return, but only sometimes.

Guess I'll sit here all day and try to solve the problem telepathically as there is literally no way of troubleshooting other than scrolling through the code and hoping that a cartoon lightbulb appears above my head.

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    @PeterDCarter have you lost a collague lmao
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    inconsistencies are the worst.

    could be due to version of the api running on multiple servers (where one is broken), while the others just run on a single sever.

    I would log the exact api calls and perform multiple calls (either via curl or deploy an experimental branch that does 10 requests just to see what happens) to see if the the response is consistent.
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