What is the most ridiculous client idea that u had to help make ?不

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    Recycling article numbers.

    Yup. Primary identifier for an article.

    Yup. Recycling as in reusing.

    Yup. Nightmare fuel on steroids.
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    Made software. Needed workaround for misdesigned hardware. Workaround destroyed another piece of misdesigned hardware. Implemented workaround for workaround. Client happy.
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    Fucking bike ride tracking app in the middle of December. Like when there are 0 fucking people riding bikes
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    Im really hang up on this. Ive already ranted about this before. It was all to present to some higher up. Glad i left that place
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    @FallingUpwards that will work where I live.
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    @IntrusionCM this is labeled a inhumane treatment under the Geneva Convention.
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    It's a very minor point but still grinda my gears. The wanted me to make a big flashy button at the right bottom edge of the screen to make it clear to users they can scroll down (a table-like view which can get very long) .

    Because the scrollbars aren't clear enough.
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