After I finished my probation of 3 months, which was also almost 3 months ago I noticed that Im doing better than half of the team so I asked my manager for a raise of 43 percent. Was given the green light but havent actually received the raise and was being fed excuses and promises . Started applying, got a better offer and gave my notice today. Suddenly hes shitting bricks and wants to talk with me tomorrow and asks me not to accept that offer yet. I smell a counter offer. Fucking lazy cunt couldnt move his ass for 3 months now all of a sudden hes my best friend. Seriously this sounds like a cliche but its surreal to see a respected person do this stuff, I guess all of the managers are the same even if they seem different in the start?

Best part is that Im not even a big contributor or even own some big features in that company. Ive been here 6 months only. He says he sees potential but tbh Im just a regular guy who crunches tasks and asks questions. I come in to the office only twice or three times a month. Seriously idk what he sees in me. Anyways.

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    Seriously in what country do you live where you can ask for a 43% raise?
    Where I live it’s out of the question to ask for any raise after probation. Gotta wait a year and it’s max 10%.
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    fuk the counter. dont even bother, dont tell new ppl, just book it. asking the other job may leave you stuck with this one that drags their feet.
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    @black-kite well its my fault because I had a break of 2 years from this stack and I assumed I will come back as a junior.. turns out Im a mid in this company, so renegotiating salary was agreed before me even starting working because of my situation
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    @zlice if they counter well fuck I will stay. There is plenty of startups who can offer the salary I want, and its obviously easier to work with current stack
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    Some companies have an "emergency" procedure to save employees that are leaving. Not only talking about, but are all set to leave. That's what may have expedited the counter offer when you told them you have a spot ready for you elsewhere.
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    Max 10 %? That's bullshit.

    The maximum percentage is defined by your market value. Your company has to compete with other companies for employees.

    I have a long rant how this is an example of a prisoner's dilemma and how companies are generally betraying you, but, hey character limit.

    Anyway, if the top off raises at 10%, then they are just asking you to change companies.
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