Started at a new employer few days ago. It all started with:

'To become familiar with our tech stack and projects we've assigned some tickets to you, 'some' of these are tickets others weren't able to finish'.

The tickets (12):

Status: stuck
Added: 4 months ago
Notes: 12 (mostly negative)
Assigned and unassigned to different people 8 times

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    I guess it will now be unassigned for the 9th time?

    Since you are still in probation period why not look for something new?
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    No wonder why that issue never been solved.
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    They just have a pool of unsolvable tickets they use for onboarding. That’s clever
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    bonus points if there are no logs, no steps to reproduce or the steps to reproduce dont reproduce the issue
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    On the plus side, if you manage to get it done, you instantly propel yourself into hero territory. If you DO manage it, make sure people KNOW you managed it! Don't be shy about (tacitly) demanding credit, from both the tech side and the stakeholders.
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    Well, take your time, sift through the code, refactor and instrument, debug the hell out if that code base - and finish that cursed tickets. You are a developer after all.
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    @Oktokolo He is "The One".
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    @Demolishun Every true developer is "the one" when they come to a company which had no dev before. There is no unsolvable ticket. Some require extensive research and disciplined debugging. Some require serious interogation of the product owner and/or the users. But in the end you do solve them - one way or the other!
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    @Oktokolo I came to my current company and became "the one who says WTF! the most".
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    @Demolishun That is what has been foretold about the fate of the one.
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    @gitpush update: I quit
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    @DangerousMagic Best of luck on your new journey, you did the right choice here
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    @Demolishun unfortunately, yes. They hired me as a Frontend JavaScript developer but most of the work I did was PHP/yii
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