sooo shit started hitting the fan

after another useless discussion where PM tried to hardcore micromanage me and then bullshit his way out, i fucking tilted and started swearing.
after this discussion, he invited to a meeting next week to talk about "miscommunication".

no need bruh, i'll tell my boss on Monday i want to switch to another team.

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    Noooo, now I don't hear your stories anymore. Just kidding, hope you your request will be fulfilled quickly :)
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    @Jifuna hehe 😄 yeah i guess that will end an era of rants.. thanks ❤️
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    I knew who ranted this just based on text. Hope it gets better! ✌🏼
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    @Jifuna Rants don't have to be negative. They can be interesting stories as well.
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    Get out fast enough so the shit won't hit you on it's way down
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    Sometimes, I wonder what rants we'd get if @soull00t were to start in @fullstackclown's company. That would be fucking epic. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop omg 😂

    @fullstackclown whatcha think, how about a dev switcheroo?
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