Project management site, exclusively for use by our team and clients.

- The client creates a new project.
- They list the requirements, supplying all the necessary files and content.
- We challenge any stupid stuff by offering alternative solutions.
- We all sign off on the requirements and no more are allowed to be added or modified. If they forgot anything, it's on record who's to blame.
- We estimate time and cost to complete the build.
- If they accept, we finally begin the work
- At each stage of every requirement, we mark the status as pending, in progress, ready for testing and delivered.

Much less stress due to minimising change requests. Plus easier to follow than an email chain and easier for them to use than a jira portal.

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    Great useful project. I bet it has been valuable. Congrats!
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    @Jumpshot44 it's still in the final stages of testing internally. We'll then release it as a beta with a few select clients.

    My team has high hopes it'll really boost productivity as well as the quality of client relationships.

    We just have to get it done first but too much other work to do currently. Catch 22 situation unfortunately.
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    I would love to have this at work. Would save a crapload of bs between the stakeholders and us.
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    YESS, sounds like a wonderful platform!!!
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    I would love to say I could make it available to everyone that wants it, but unfortunately that's a decision above my head and big corporate round here doesn't tend to like helping others that aren't in our client base.
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    Would be nice if any project could be made using a waterfall method. However, Agile development fits better on some projects imo though.
    Said as a guy usually doing ux stuff
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