"Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight." - Bill Gates

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    Yup, 1 million lines of code is nothing for me
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    I just noticed that I ++ed almost every quote ._.
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    I heard that IBM used to bill customers based on written lines of code. Not sure if true, though.
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    Sure, but if your plane is 10kg, something has probably gone wrong...

    Or you've built an expensive drone that's only for platinum air miles rodents, and your plane company is fucked

    Or it's made of paper and you've really really fucked up and might accidentally kill the person in front of you if you try and launch it across the office...

    Or your scales broke when you tried to put an entire fucking plane on them
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    Or measuring burgers by their weight. Wait that went wrong
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    If someone pays by lines of code, I would use switch-case for even-odd detection
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