so i had the "miscommunication" meeting with PM today. he criticized me for "not following his orders", allegedly having worked on stuff during this sprint that did not help fulfill his sprint goal, and that i should have aligned my work with him. i didn't even realize this exact goal existed specifically for my user story (even though it was at least mentioned with one single word in story description, must have read over it). however, during the whole fucking sprint, he never mentioned a single time i should align with him. every daily i'm explaining what i'm going to do, every day he sees subtasks that i created for this story, and he never disagreed or mentioned this topic, so i assumed i'm on track. and now suddenly, when sprint is over, he blames me for the misalignment?

he also criticized me for having said something rude to him during a team meeting, but he couldn't rephrase or specify what i had said, he couldn't give any details at all, and also i couldn't understand or remember what he meant. what shall i respond to that?🤷‍♀️

also, aligning my work with that of a colleague and brainstorming with him about how our API could look like for our stakeholders was "not on track / following his orders" for him, even though i had announced it in the daily and he hadn't disagreed.

either this guy has alzheimer's or he has a down on me, dunno what to make out of all that.
and then he mentions i appear "somewhat aggressive" to him.
hmm weird, why should someone become aggressive when they have to deal with this bullshit all the time 🤦‍♀️

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    Well he did one thing right

    There definitely are communication problems... Just not the way he thinks there are
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    Hes trying to gaslight and manipulate you by projecting his own incompetence
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    That looks like a communicator problem instead of a communication problem to me. The communicator connecting you with the management seems to be broken. Replacing it should fix the issue.

    But luckily, as a coder you can work without supervision and should be able to just bypass one communicator layer okayishly. So having a broken communicator should only be a minor annoyance. Communicate with management directly and do the translation yourself until the broken communicator got fixed or replaced.
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    @Oktokolo the problem is that the broken communicator (new rant tag xD) wants to control everything, and whenever i talk to other people (especially when this creates productive output he is not in control of, oh nooo), he shortens the leash and says i shall stop talking to that person now and now everything will be done by him. even if this doesn't make any sense because me and person X have an understanding of a problem that he doesn't have.
    he even went so far that, when i decided to talk to people, he criticized me for making "independent decisions" and that's a no-no in PM's dictatorship!
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    @soull00t Search for alternative job opportunities. After confirming the viability of changing employer, just start ignoring him. If the work machines are monitored, you might also then start simulating searching for job opportunities on a work machine in your lunch breaks.

    Whenever someone asks for reasons of why you ignore the faulty communicator or search for an alternate environment, just honestly explain yourself. If they fire you, you go somewhere else. If they fire him, everything is fine. All other likely outcomes are just less extreme variants of the two.
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    Fundamental flaw.. ."fulfill his sprint goal". The pronoun is wrong, and it's a systemic problem with the PM. It should be "fulfill OUR sprint goal". Sprint goals are team efforts, because without you as a dev, there is nothing to reach for. Tell your PM to go back to humanity 101, and try taking the SCRUM classes too.
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    This sounds all too familiar.

    If you add repeated insults thrown your way, constant change requests, and completely ignoring all of your completed work while calling you slow and unreliable, you'd have one of my rants.

    What is it with these people?
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    @devphobe humanity 101, he could profit from that xD but then again i believe he wouldn't get any of that..
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    @Root it's not as terrible as your situation, but the changes / new tasks during the sprint also happen all the time. and too many other things are going wrong...
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    @Oktokolo you are right.
    in fact, i did my move tonight: i sent my boss a long email that i don't want to work for PM anymore and want to be moved to another team/project.
    it's not as drastic as "search new jobs" or "hand in notice", because i want to stay in my company, but finally i did it. enough is enough.
    we will talk about it today, wish me luck... 😅
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    @soull00t good luck 🍀
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    I would loose my shit and job in like 5 min. Fucking control freak, Macho ass try hard, not loved by mummy, cunt hole, narcissists managers with Napoleon syndrome.
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