Ads are a bug not a feature

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    ... and you probably do this every time you see a website like this, right?
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    @kamen I do until I get pissed off enough to block the domain on pihole.

    I've actually been thinking about creating a public list that blocks paywalled information sites.

    Maybe if enough people stop sending traffic to them they might change their tune.

    I doubt it though.
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    reminded me of this cartoon:

    - STOP!!! you were so close to reading a BILD (German shitty lying nazi trash newspaper) article!
    - thanks, AdBlocker man!
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    @soull00t I wouldn't call it a Nazi-Newspaper but it's a load of bullshit anyway. I cringe whenever I see the first page in like a newspaper stand in a cafe.
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    When you realize, that the article is cut off one line after the blurred part and the remainder would have loaded after the paywall-/ad-blocker-blocker check...

    I actually tried the "suggested" (obviously, you ddon't actually do it) technique a lot a decade ago and it only worked against very few paywall-/ad-blocker-blocker-using sites.
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    @Oktokolo I specifically block usatoday for this exact reason.

    Been 4 years, I don't even miss it.
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    I only prefer to consume state media. They’re the government so they’re 100% trustworthy. They’ll NEVER lie to me. They love me and care about what goes into my mind. Like a big brother.
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    @stackodev So true. Big brother protects us against evil propaganda that try to infect our thoughts. He tells us what to do to live a healthy and productive life. And if we need to defend our freedom in a country on the other side of the globe, he will tell us how to enlist.
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