Is c# being abandoned ?

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    No. It’s just you.
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    @Root god you're so mean !

    i was just asking because it doesn't seem like the requirements for it in areas i've been looking in are so high !
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    @Root and on that note what did I ever do to you :( ?
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    @AvatarOfKaine Well, she is right though. It really doesn't look like C# is getting abandoned by Microsoft or other users soon. And the game industry seems to love it.
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    @Oktokolo do they really ?

    because of unity i suppose ?

    previously c# was HORRIBLE for gaming lol
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    @Oktokolo personally I could never seem to motivate myself to get started with unity.
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    Nope still being used
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    @Nanos what unity ?
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    @Root so.. should we ? Lol
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    Read the history. I actually think C# is the one language from Microsoft that gets the most love and attention. Makes sense considering they're constantly trying to murder Java and keep things in their .NET ecosystem

    Modern c# has a lot of neat features and tricks up its sleeve.

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    If you asked is VB.NET or F# abandoned? Then you would get more favorable response. C# is practically Microsoft's most loved child. All dotnet's tutorials are written in C#, and their latest product .NET MAUI directs people to write in C# too!
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    C# abandoned? That's stupid. The language is getting constant updates with the latest one, preview features of C# 11, being just a few days ago.

    C# was great for game dev long before Unity came along. XNA was a marvel of a simple graphics engine that made game developement a breeze compared to other options at the time. Even before that, using GDI+ drawing on a custom WinForm control was as good or better for simple game dev than a comparable pygame setup.

    As usual, basically everything you say is nonsense.
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    @NotJeckel xna was abandoned
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    @NotJeckel and btw read the whole rant and where the hell did your cocksucking of the general public ass materialize from anyway ? Need acceptance that badly ?
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    @daniel-wu F# is not abandoned. Whatever makes you say that?
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    @100110111 I know one guy who admitted to using it lol
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