When he lied about my words and tried to blame me for everything. He is a master of dark psychology, he made the entire department went crazy arguing about something that don't even matter at the time.

He constantly play victim card in every situation. I argued with him that day.

(Actually I shouldn't do that , I should have ask him "are you good" and try to be empathetic to him because we know indeed that he need help. He crave for attentions.)

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    Do we have that person in common ?

    Senior here is in the same case.

    I make something, he goes to the boss and tell he made it...

    Argued a lot of times too. But now, I don't care anymore. I do my job, without telling him about stuff.

    Yet he claims to be 'control-freak' but when asking to come up with ideas on how to be more productive (ticket system, better help templates) he either doesn't know any tools, or he blocks any suggestion given.

    **Oh and he will be retired in 2y
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    @Grumm was he a boomer?
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    @johnmelodyme when someone can only brag about his cobol skills and the 'back when I was at school...' stories + telling that windows 10 is to complicated, I guess you are correct 🤣
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