This greek-speaking fucker (who wasn't Greek, he just spoke the language) went full bitch mode when he found out I recommended against giving him a promotion.
While screaming for an hour he called me "ornitophagos", or something that sounded like it.
I'm not quite sure that "chicken eater" is an insult, but it surely seemed like one. Maybe it was some weird attempt at hinduphobia, dunno, I just changed my recommendation to "sack the fucker".

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    Woah chicken eater shouldn't be an insult they are delicous

    But for real, why the hell didn't he asked about what he was doing wrong. I have the feeling no one can take criticism anymore. Instead of asking how to improve or at least hear you out.

    Can no one fucking talk anymore?!
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    I’d probably tell him to calm his tities and eat some humble sauce 😂
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    I don’t know any culture (other than vegan culture) where eating chicken is frowned upon. Yep, the guy’s an idiot
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    @black-kite probably some translation issue. Could be a reference to how chickens run after the farmer who feeds them. More like a butt-kisser or whatever you call it :)
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    Funniest non-insult I heard in a long while :-)
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    @black-kite there are also vegetarians. Egg yes, chicken no.

    It's not a separate culture (although there definitely are vegans that do have cult tendencies). It's kinda sensible really. I can imagine that in about another 20 years or so eating meat is generally frowned upon. This dude is just ahead of it's time.
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    Vegan is a Cherokee word for “can’t hunt worth shit”. Veganism is a luxury in an age of imported expensive protein alternatives. Every vegan is always one famine away from becoming an omnivore. You’ll eat what you get and you won’t have a fit.
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    You are one big fat malaka!!
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