Holy fuck...I didn't expect this.
simple terminal from suckless.org
(aka. st) After appiled path "alpha" -> It did transperent in the way that if you have 2 terminal overlaps -> It'll draw a transperent surface with the underline terminal. so, It's not an idea for open vim with i3 tab or stack mode. I kinda gave up on using it until I realize -> what if underline terminal is "mpv" which is video player. This is a result (Holy fuck is awesome). by set "hi Normal ctermbg=NONE" in vimrc to make transperent background with vim.
Now, I have "mps-youtube" which allow me to watch youtube with mpv, basicly (vim + youtube) as the same time.
ps. If gif is not play -> tell me, I'll upload video. (seriously, is awesome)

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    I had to re-read a few times but it does look nice!

    PS: The gif works properly.
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    +1 for Lunduke
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    why the slide has words "linux" and "sucks" written next to each other?
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