Having some lazy scrum team members and it is getting out of hand. For the past 1 week or so we have one dev who's daily standup written report is: regression. In our test case summary I can't even find her name, which means she is not doing anything.

Same goes for two of our new QA's who joined like 2 months ago. We have like 20 ready for QA tickets pending, but QA is saying that they are doing regression. Yet when I check how many cases they actually covered, it's something that even I as a dev during my first weeks in the company would have completed in a halfday. Right now we have one senior QA guy who is doing all the heavy lifting and I want to change that.

Wondering how to politely call out their bs during standup? It's kinda annoying seeing them covering their lazyness with "regression" for two sprints in a row now :)

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    you could play dumb and ask what they mean when they say "regression", then ask if there's anything they need help with since the QA tickets are barely moving for the past month. pick some examples of the test cases you mentioned and ask if they ran into issues since it took [x days].

    either they'll have a perfectly reasonable explanation for everything or it'll be very clear to everybody in the standup that they've been doing fuck all.
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    If you are team lead break down stories into very small takes that there is no doubt will take a day or less. If you can't break the story down that small then the story isn't clear enough and not fit to work on.

    Make standups turns saying what has been achieved.

    Watch how people start being awkward and being completely unable to say what they did.

    I have done this before. The problem corrected itself because people understood I, and everyone in the team, are coming into standup saying they achieved 10 things... We can all see who achieved 0 things
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    Just as a reminder that a scrum meeting is *not* a status meeting.

    It should be a meeting about ensuring the sprint goal, full transparency.

    If she endangers the sprint goal, it's right to do a call for action and ask why / how this affects the sprint and what could be done.
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