Why is planning so awful at so many tech companies (and in general I guess)?

I’m barely a month in and already having to drop current projects because someone made a promise to someone else and realized at the last minute “wait we need infrastructure for this” and came to me out of nowhere “hey we need this super complicated pipeline and complex architecture built”

I ask boss about how this should fall in priority, he basically says “figure it out”. Okay….thanks.

I ask for the business case from the requesters and when they need it and I’m told “we’re going live in late September”

Go back to boss, tell him what I “figured out” and asked if this was something he intended for me to take on. He skimmed through the ticket and gave a non-committal “I’m not sure what this is”. I’m still trying to figure out the infra here, still haven’t gotten access to half the things linked in the JIRA, but there’s been about 3 email chains and a Director recently DM’d me on slack asking for an update.

So I guess I’m flying in the dark on this one.

If you never hear from me again in this community I probably flew into the side of a mountain or something. This new job ain’t it.

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    Feel you, good luck!
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    Because people are festooned with personality disorders, people are sick, self absorbed, entitled cunts. I think that about covers it.
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    I don't understand why managers like this. It's fine that you don't need to know everything but can you at least... do some researches? Like at least knowing what's going on or showing that you care?

    I don't know maybe I'm too young to know these kind of things
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    idiotic management. every time.
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    Because people don't get, that software development isn't production, but research.
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    Make it known.

    Don't answer "I'm still working on it".

    Say "I'm lacking an introduction, trying to get the necessary support - but so far I'm lacking any kind of meaningful response".
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    General problem: most people dont understand how software is made. They think of it being "programmer times time = software product"

    The biggest sin they commit is this stupid idea that personnel and time is interchangeable.

    2 devs requiring 10 months to finish a product doesn't mean 4 devs will be able to do it in 5 months.
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