Senior dev on our team is concerned that we are raising standards above and beyond what we need to deliver the project.

For 6m+ this project has delivered little, but what there is is full of bugs that got through testing, and no standards (coding or otherwise) in place at all.

I hate dealing with people who preach “good enough” is fine but won’t accept they aren’t even close to doing “good enough”

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    Just tell him that you follow best practices
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy oh yeah. He actually thinks we need to say that we don’t need some best practices for this project.
    Honestly the stuff produced is shite.
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    @TrevorTheRat u need to prove that your solution is more maintainable and has better performance
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    related to that: as a 'good-enough'-guy it really bugs me when people make ME look like the perfectionist in the dynamic.
    And certain people actually managed to pull that of...
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    The definition of "good enough" depends entirely on the circumstances. If you need to shit something out so investors will be onboard, it does not matter that it is buggy. If you have a lot of competition and you need to polish things so you have an edge, your "good enough" bar goes up. If you are doing a prototype, just making sure things can work is good enough. Etc.
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    People need to read what programmers in the last 20 years have learned eg Robert Martin, Martin Fowler, Eric Evans.

    Most senior developers make it up as they go and invent their own anti patterns that they don't even understand the repercussions of.

    You have to at least have some idea of text book approaches to know what is good enough...

    Most Devs seem to start off thinking "I'm going to write some absolute garbage, now let's see which things need to be better". It should be "I'm going to write something good following beat practices and principles, now where does it not make sense to put that effort in"
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy agree but copy paste code is always quicker to write in the short term, so when you’re dealing with people that have that mindset, you’re up against it.
    It’s the maintenance of it that hasn’t happened yet which is gonna kill this team.
    @Crost yeah this is what hasn’t happened. They’ve thrown together stuff that’s amateur at best
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