hey, so i have recently started learning about node js and express based backend development.

can you suggest some good github repositories that showcase real life backend systems which i can use as inspiration to learn about the tech?

like for eg, i want to create a general case solution for authentication and profile management : a piece of db+api end points + models to :

- authenticate user : login/signup , session expire, o auth 2 based login/signup, multi account login, role based access, forgot password , reset password, otp login , etc

- authorise user : jwt token authentication, ip whitelisting, ssl pinning , cors, certificate based authentication , etc (

- manage user : update user profile, delete user, map services , subscriptions and transactions to user , dynamic meta properties ( which can be added/removed for a single user and not exactly part of main user profile) , etc

followed by deployment and the assoc concepts involved : deployment, clusters, load balancers, sharding ,... etc


these are all the buzzwords that i have heard that goes into consideration when designing a secure authentication system for a particular large scale website like linkedin or youtube. am not even sure how many of these concepts would require actual codelines and how many would require something else.

so wanted inspiration from open source content to learn about it in depth, replicate and create new better stuff if possible .

apart from that, other backend architectures like video/images storage system, or just some server for movie, social media, blog website etc would also help.

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    Good luck dude, that sounds like an awful pile of work for someone who is "not sure about how many of these concepts require codelines".

    But one tip: start small with the vision, eg single auth mechanism, save salted passwd hash in db and go from there.

    Here's my attempt at a user mgmt plugin for an existing (flat-file) CMS: https://github.com/webketje/.... Read the wiki for the "business logic". The source code show the "models" I used for role & permission-based auth and I'm still pretty proud of it
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    Try trpc/prisma first before you roll your own framework
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