So like a year ago I decided that I was gonna learn programming. And the thing that popped into my head was HTML and CSS. So I browsed some websites where you could learn some HTML and stuff. But I never really got into it and eventually stopped and moved on. Now I just kind of got a sudden urge again to learn programming and build a website again. So I started browsing some sites and found a suitable one. Since I'd already kinda learned the basics it was all kind of just repetition. And now I've got a very basic site set up with Apache that I was thinking I'm gonna use as my homepage. And I also got my very first experience not understanding what the fuck is wrong and browsing stack overflow for an eternity. Turns out it was a simple missing semicolon. Welcome me to the dev world!

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    One of us, one of us, one of us.
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    Welcome to the wildest ride of your life.

    You'll cry over missing punctuation for years to come.
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    Just a tip, don't use apache unless you have to. Nginx or Caddy is way better/safer/more reliable.
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    Welcome to the tribe.
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    @olback Why? If it's unsecure, then let me reassure you, it's running on the LAN.
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    @Numinex Sorry, as long as you don't have pro hackers on your LAN, you're fine :p
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