When file managers copy and delete files within the same partition instead of moving or renaming them…

When Google's Storage Access Framework was introduced, it did not feature a move command, so file managers just resorted to copying and deleting files within the same storage. Not only does this cause needless wear and is much slower, but it also destroys the date/time attribute (it gets changed to current).

When moving files through MTP (miserable transfer protocol, used for connecting smartphones to PC), they are also copy-deleted. This makes moving a 20-Gigabyte DCIM folder impractical. Also, if one cancels the operation, it might end up whoopsie-daisy deleting some files from the source before they have been transferred.

MTP is so bogus that it is incapable of a simple operation that would JustWork™ on mass storage devices. Not to mention, MTP lacks parallelism and its directory listing loading it S-L-O-W. Upwards of a minute for just 1000 files. Sometimes, it fails loading at all.

Also, trying to rename a file through MTP using the terminal through GVFS, even if just within the same folder, it copy-deletes it. If I want to rename a 1 GB 2160p 4K video in a highly populated DCIM folder, I can not do so through the terminal. At least, the 4K video has a time stamp in its internal metadata, but it still renames slowly and adds needless wear to the smartphone's flash memory.

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    Why fix? Planned obsolescence.
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    @Demolishun Ah yes, corporations' economic incentives and lobbyism. Those wonderful things in life. /sarcasm

    Though I doubt it is related to this bad MTP design.
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    @exerceo Addition: MTP was created in the mid-2000s. It is outdated by the design. There needs to be a successor which works as smoothly as mass storage. An option to use MTP should nonetheless be retained for compatibility.
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    @exerceo If it wears out the flash early they get a new sale of a phone and android license gets paid.
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    @Demolishun Indeed, though the non-replaceable battery fails much faster, and vendor-installed file managers on Android smartphones did not copy-delete in my experience, only third-party ones.

    How is the average user supposed to know that the flash storage has worn down?
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    @exerceo I just saw a phone die because of flash failure. That is one way.
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    @Demolishun How do you know that was the cause?
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    @exerceo Because it said in the boot error there was a flash error.
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    @Demolishun I see. Yet another benefit of MicroSD (which Google and most Android vendors have also killed).
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    @exerceo But don't MicroSD cards wear out too ?

    I rather worry about mine, they are really old.

    Whilst my battery backed RAM cards, I think will last forever !
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    @Nanos Do I need to mention that MicroSD cards can be replaced?
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    @exerceo No, but I'd rather my long term storage lasts a very long time and not need replacing every year !

    Isn't it something like 100,000 writes before a sector wears out ?
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    adb file managers when

    Seriously, you can use mv on adb shells
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    MicroSD is faster.

    256 GB in one minute, not a day.
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    @exerceo ...does your sd card *really* write 256 GBs in one *minute*

    I will need benchmark results and specs from you.
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    @melezorus34 No, it doesn't write 256 GB in a minute. But it can be removed and inserted in a minute. 😉
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