My boss, delusional as always and getting worse every week, conveys the news that eight interns have been taken on. Without asking us seniors if that would be a good idea.

Us: ”who should, you know, actually help these good people out?”

Boss: ”we will have to work that out”

Us: ”we don’t have the time actually to do this without seriously pushing deadlines forward”

Boss: ”we will have to work something out so that this does not happen”

Us: ”soo, we don’t have to actually help these guys and girls once they are here?”

Boss: ”no, they obviously need a lot of help. What we do here are really complex”

Us: 😬

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    Boss: "I need my wife to have the baby right now"

    Doctor: "But she's not due for at least 6 more months"

    Boss: "We will have to work that out then."

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    You should start doing survivor themed events for the interns.
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    All of you bursting into floods of tears all at once will solve this.
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    @Demolishun I would start with playing the classic Jaws melody. Dum-dum-dum-dum… while standing in front of a projected IT landscape diagram with hundreds of rectangles, multiple clouds and a myriad of details… and then….pause…silence…

    ”You will write a todo app. Knock yourselves out! You’re here to learn. So, a todo app will be fine. Here is the address to google. Any questions would be directed to this guy (picture and contact info of manager on the screen now).”

    In fact, it is not really funny. It’s not fair to put these fine young people in this position with little (no) support. It is really, really bad leadership.

    And I am sick of it.

    But the Jaws theme is funny!
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    @sideshowbob76, To be fair, if you've never been thrown in the fire before, then it could at least be that kind of learning experience for them. The times where I had no business doing what I was tasked with, have been some of my greatest moments of growth in my career.
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    Just get them to shadow people
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    @rootinit You speak the true-truth. I am all for it. Same for me! I just hope someone takes care of them, that’s all. I will feel somewhat responsible once they are there and if these fine people have a bad experience with their internships it will stain me as well.
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    Poor interns 😂 and poor you too
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