I tried Tiktok.
Immediately my fyp appears to be 18 year old girls doing cringe-worthy miming and people half my age telling me how I can earn over $3k per month using Canva.


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    You should've known better.
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    @electrineer but COULD I make 3k per month on canva....we'll never know(no)
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    part of me is too old for that and i also don't want to go down that rabbit hole, so i just enjoy the occasional tiktok curated for me by other sites
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    if you think about it devRant is a tiktok. For devs.
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    You are too old for TikTok - we all are...
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    @useVim devRant has more Quality though and a higher standard
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    1. Download ticktok

    2. Post video about doing some random stuff

    3. You are a super star now, enjoy ....

    I sometimes don't understand this world anymore...
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    @useVim I think the devrant devs probably wear more clothes though
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    "I tried Tiktok."

    <shakes head and sighs...>
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    Have to say Grayskits videos - gritty portrayals of the intellectual elite in northern England - are worth a look.

    "When it's supposed to snow, but doesn't"

    USA/Canada note: will make abs no sense at all
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    @spongegeoff as a Manc that should have appeared on my fyp stream :(
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    @ojt-rant No worries, I'm in Leeds 😁
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    Just a bunch of narcissists acting like clowns to get their dopamine shot.

    Plus, it's a chinese company, there is no way your personal data isn't stored safely by the Chinese gov.

    Nah really fuck this shit, internet in general is a marketer shithole but tiktok is largely the worst of it all.
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    @Demolishun "Tik Tok...not even once"
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