My last post entails how my company moved me to a freelancing role upon completion of my task (VoIP micro service: incoming and outgoing calls, voice mail drop, voice mail greeting, call forwarding, sms, and a couple more features) — app is now live and used by company’s agents to contact leads on our other products (designing), so boss tells HR to tell me (I realized this from HR’s slack screen when on huddle with me) to add WhatsApp integration. I responded that since I’m a freelancer I would charge $30/hour for it. HR said he’d get back to me and it’s been 3 working days now.

They are also trying to have the app on Apps*mo so they cash out for other companies to use the app.

It’s been 2 weeks and a day since the end of my probation (I’ve been with them for 3 months) and no one has acknowledged this — I also wrote to my boss asking why management won’t acknowledge this but three days after probation they changed my role. Same company that held off my offer later to two months later in the job to offer a Senior Python Developer role as “HR has Covid and could not send it until now”.

He has not responded to my message. Pretty much no salary for me these past few days.

I’m now looking for other jobs. Meanwhile, I’m building from scratch AGAIN a VoIP micro service and I plan on making it public and free upon completion.

BUT I feel the company might take action against me. Do note that I did not sign the offer letter as the link had 3 days expiration and HR said he would send a new one but never did, even after I reminded him at least 2 days in a week.

While typing this, I got the urge to proceed regardless any circumstance.

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    What I had to face for 3 months, probationary period:

    Saturdays inclusive workday (mentioned during onboarding but with the option to choose, they lied — compulsory every first and third Saturdays, and one particular month, we worked on 3 Saturdays as boss wanted a faster launch)

    Boss would “suggest” you turn on webcam, even if you explain it voids privacy at the time. My first salary had a problem on my end (receiving fund from another country. Hence, domiciliary account needed upgrade), there was a bug on calls and he insisted I turned on webcam even after I told him the bank would not allow it — I won that argument.

    Boss flares up on Slack whenever he says HI and got no response from ALL the devs in the channel.

    Boss agreed on increase in salary after a month “depending on my contribution.” — he would not discuss it a month later, instead he made me head of my department, when I’m clearly the only one.
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    Hubstaff is used to track productivity with automated screenshots every 10mins. Also, salary is not tracked on the app as “company uses in-house metric.”

    Boss (apparently stays in the US branch) and on-site developers (at India branch) would speak in their dialect during huddle with me — it’s not a translation issue here as they all speak and write English.

    I’ve had to put up with all these to take care of my bills.

    Extra information: Company is remote.
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    ALSO, a month before they changed my role they employed a junior developer whom I had to guide, and is now handling VoIP on my absence. Intelligent lad. We bonded over an episode of Rick and Morty and I got to know he’s being paid 1/5th of my salary.
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    VoIP microservice? Tell me more about this (if you can). I spent hella long time in telecom
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