No one uses Git, nor any code hosting service, but I'm the Junior.

Yeah okay, fuck you and your fucking siloes.

I won't tolerate lack of version control anymore, I'll be looking for the next "professional opportunity".

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    When I started 6 years ago on my current job, they used SVN. I used git with a SVN tool, such that I could branch out and experiment without messing with the trunk.

    I guess you could go with git personally, and still follow corporate guidelines... Hope you get to do some real programming anyway :)
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    Nobody uses git ? Wtf?
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    Worked somewhere a in 20019 on a brand new team. We used source control from day one because everyone does don’t they?
    Well no, to our amazement it turned out the other teams had only started using it a few weeks prior to our team being recruited.
    Before that they were emailing files to each other 😂
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    @TrevorTheRat bro, it's literally the company where I'm at right now.

    My team is using Teams to share code snippets. And because I know they don't use git remotes, I have to share my code through Teams as well.

    That's gonna be a rant.
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    I remember someone here complaining that their company was sharing code by taking screenshots of it and dumping it in word documents.
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    @brnrdo what’s wrong with these people. It’s so much more effort to do it that way.

    Try and get them to use source safe maybe they’ll go for that
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    @ars1 now that is some funny shit 😂😂😂
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    @johnmelodyme I talked to my cousin's boyfriend, who's also a dev in 2017. I asked him if his company followed any git model, he said no. After some more exchange I found that he does not know git, so I asked how he managed source code, he said google drive. I thought he was kidding but after asking again twice he still kept a straight face. You'll be amazed at how low tech some companies are.
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    @Xamenyap in order news, my boss kept an open mind and wants me to teach him git (and dvc). It's progress! 🎉
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    Congrats, there is hope :D
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