The display power savings feature on Intel GPU drivers is retarded. It reduces backlight brightness when you're viewing dark content and pumps it back up when you have something white on the screen. This is the complete opposite of what you need for keeping the image viewable with minimum backlight brightness.

The dark parts of the dark image can be kept the same brightness by reducing the backlight, but the white text you're reading will actually be darker, so you need to manually set the display brighter. And then you need to reduce brightness when you switch to a white window because now that's too bright. And as a bonus, the backlight brightness will keep adjusting when you change windows, which is super distracting.

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    Yeah, regional backlight dimming is one of these things that just don't really work in practice. I disable such features on discovery and adjust the whole screen brightness down to reasonable levels depending on the environment lighting.

    In the future there are no LC displays and therefore no backlights anymore - just a ton of really small inorganic subpixel LEDs.
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