As a guy studying computer science but working part time as an It support i get a lot of weird questions which can be easily answered by Google or solved by restarting the PC . The cake however goes to the guy with the PhD in physics who called me to his office and said something was wrong with his laptop battery because he was not getting any charge. He was almost panicking because he couldn't afford to lose his files when the PC ran out of juice.

Upon inspection the power was not plugged in.

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    Worked almost 2 years in IT support before my current job.
    The sheer stupidity of some users will give you nightmares!
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    @Loeina not just that, but also the unwillingness to look at the small problems themselves and try very common solutions like restarting, plugging in the power (:D) etc. It takes more time for them to call me in and wait around instead of doing a quick restart. It's really awkward telling a coworker to restart his PC and it solves the problem.
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    @Radioh I actually sugested that we put a voice line on the phonecall before the users would be put through to the phone queue asking them to restart and check the cables. Sadly that idea got shot down as "it would prolong the handling time of their issues by 20 sec".
    Litle did they know that solves 30% of all cases and would reduce queue time...

    Best decision i ever made was to gtfo of it support and into cobol development!
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