Feel dirty writing in c. How do people even deal with unsafe pointer type casting/memory allocation/free? The codebase is plagued with memory leaks and there is no test.

I will just pretend I can't read c code and play dumb when shit happens

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    Sounds more like bad practices than actual problem with the language. But yes the language has these pitfalls and one of the reasons for Rust to be like it is today.

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    C is nice, and allows you to do anything you want. You do need to be careful, though, as it doesn’t hold your hand at all.

    My only qualm is that it’s more verbose than I’d like, and it can only ever be so clean.
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    spot on
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    @root hm. when they use the very same words for Javascript they see it as weakness.
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    @horus are you really comparing c to JavaScript?

    The language for the web that has no sane architecture as it was a nutjob done in few weeks? That was then misused for everything, mostly by publishing it via the most fucked up package manager, cargo culted and hyped despite all it's flaws...?

    Ouch. You JS devs amaze me every time.
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    @intrusionCM I don't conpare languages, I just compare argumentations. I have don't have strong opinions about languages, I do what I get paid for.
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    Casting pointers manually just means the programmer needs to know what they are doing. Relying on the compiler to protect you is not safe programming. It will make it harder to detect difficult problems later. Compilers have bugs too as well.

    I get it though. When you get exposed to shitty existing C or C++ code you just want to pretend it doesn't exist.
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    @horus I'm not sure if I understand you correctly... Can you elaborate?

    It sounds to me very ... dumb?
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    @Root JS always was a red flag to me...

    ... But since I have to support the NodeJS version zoo, some JS applications etc. the red flag became an ultimate trigger for anger. Especially since the JS ecosystem is so fundamentally broken thx to NPM and the perversive nature of just reinventing everything.

    The version zoo I have to support for JS is absolute pervasive (I think 75 % outdated, deprecated, EOL). But it's logical given the heavy fragmentation of the ecosystem and that most stuff would need to be rewritten from scratch (build system change, framework migration, ...)

    I just cannot tolerate anymore the "leave JS alone stuff".

    JS is the one thing I really want to eradicate from the planet.

    Better break the INet for a year plus and start back with pages of good old Mosaic times than continuing this crap shit.
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    @IntrusionCM JS itself is okay. I get the hatred, though.

    But NPM? NPM and all it brings is hell.
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    @Root we still have bower and gulp ....

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    @IntrusionCM Yeah…
    Just burn it all down.
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    C is not idiot proof. it's much easier to work with precision in C, but you have to know what you're doing
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    @darksideofyay That’s why I like it. :)
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