That feeling when you start to train your neural network, guess I can sleep now.

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    I want to do something like this.
    Could you post some beginners points?where can i start?
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    @dots I could ask my teacher if it's okay to show you the slides from his teaching and the links he gave us. But DevRant isn't good for sharing files, but I'll try and contact him tommorow :)
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    @dots You still want some info about ai?
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    @pareion sure! Also lecture slides would be cool if you can share them.
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    @dots Hey again I'm a tad busy, but I've gathered the lecture slides and the material for the AI course however the book "AI A Modern Approach" I can't provide that for obvious reasons. :p but it's not neccesary but if you wanna go into details or wanna go beyond the course it's defiantly worth checking out! Anyways here is the link to the material both as .zip and a folder
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    @pareion thank you very much! I will definitely take a deeper look into this! 😀🙆‍♂️
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