Anybody else getting annoyed with VSCode lately? I’m constantly getting updates to the editor and various plugins that add near-forced autocomplete suggestions, cursor hijacking, codelens and inlay hints (messes up spacing and layout), etc. It’s starting to drive me crazy! Just let me write my code! I love the syntax highlighting and autocomplete, but developer tools need to be optional, not have their off button buried behind some 5-layer JSON object that’s not documented anywhere!

I just want to write code, and I want my editor to be a tool, not an annoying little bee swarming my face all the time trying to get me to do things I don’t want to do! Microsoft and plugin devs need to stop enabling these obtrusive features by default and put them behind a “New Features” wizard or something!

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    Nope, nuisance extensions get the uninstall button applied. Even if I've been using them for a while.
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    @C0D4 This is what I often want to do, but even though they’re annoying, they provide more utility than annoyances, so I just have to suck it up and spend an hour trying to turn it off.
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    While yes, native new things could be "disabled by default", just imagine how frustrating it would be to install an extension like a language server and not getting language support /by default/.

    Anyway inlays can suck my garbage code and they are themselves are garbage, lmao: It gives the variable name when given a string as a value but doesn't when it's given a string concatenation as a value. lmao
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