Ok so these fucks call me back to talk about why their sites are down
1 went into maintenance mode and the other got fucking hacked and they want to pin that shit on me

Fuck these fuckers

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    Hacked?! Did you code or administrate it? If yes, it might actually be your fault.
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    couldn't have been my fault since they gave a directive to not focus on that site

    all sites i prioritized are fine

    and also they fucken deleted my work email

    whiles ti was still there and it was linked to all sites for security alerts
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    So in other words

    they fucked themselves in the ass
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    @Taqsblaz3 Basic security isn't an optional feature. You sound like the cause for mandatory safety laws to exist in most other industries.

    But of course it is their fault too if they pressure you to the point where you skip the most essential basic requirements and maintenance. Maybe, they learn from it and alot more time for foundations and maintenance from now on.

    For the stats: what was exploited how and was a fix already available to the public at the time of break-in?
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