We share a fate, trapped on a page by the author of our world’s demise. In your eyes I see the pain, your targets slain, I will be the whispers in your mind, the demon inside.

Don’t let down your guard, let in the darkness. You will defeat this trial of ancient gods. Take me in spirit, demon adherent. When you’re the last one to survive. Spirit, stay gentle, next monumental. Will you keep the fire alive?

I, with the power inside, set an end to these lies from the deep and the quiet. Sleep, my old enemy, let an end come to me. traveler please let me fade.

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    Aviators — Monumental

    (The song is a tribute to Dark Souls)
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    Oh it's a song lol
    It sounded like a pop goth poetry reading or something scribbled on the wall in pieces in a video game put out by an indie company lol
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    So question
    Is a person who's killed their enemies is kind hearted but has been surrounded by evil tormentors so long they mostly avoid people and wishes well on children and hates their tormentors and Corruptors a dark soul ?

    Or is a dark soul just an evil bitch asshole that is attempting to jerk its own ego off and is really just a nasty shallow twat with no depth of character that likes to fantasize about being more relevant than they are while continuing to fantasize and actually engage in hurting people for fun because they're hollow and dust filled ?

    Just curious if our definition of dark soul differs since Tori suggested it did a while ago
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    @AvatarOfKaine @Root what is going on here
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    Upon reading first sentence I knew it's gonna be @AvatarOfKaine.

    2nd sentence: plot twist, it seems unlikely!
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    @vintprox it's funny
    Ive oftened pictured you people like I picture strippers
    Making fun of their betters behind their back with their stripper friends

    But in the end they still rub them off to climax continuously and smile meanwhile lol

    It's like that because while you all complain about nonsensical things you all know who I am and you all exert the energy to reply
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    Well I didn't know about the guessing game


    I love your taste :D
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