What kind of innovation approach has helped humanity in a better way? Is it some group of obscure indie devs working overnight to write some software which is free, useful and purposeful devoid of licensing shit or the too-honorary-to-shit-from-arse organizations which put marketing gimmicks like making world better place and which compromise user data either to governments or to other corporations for monetizing given the first chance. If innovation is happening in both the spectrums then what is the viable kind of required innovation at the moment for us humans. IMHO I don't trust corporate innovation and shitty innovations happening in Facebook, Google and likes. Has corporate greed bought innovation for market price.

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    Who spreads this f*king rumors like Elon Musk is Edison of this generation , Zuckerberg is next Jobs etc. I respect the likes of Dennis Ritchie, Guido Van Rossum over these shitheads even Jobs for matter of fact.Some marketing schmuck spread rumors like spacex is the next gen company and freshmen who come out of college think that is coolest thing ever happened to humanity and give me a lot of face palm moments.
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