Unpopular opinion: Windows ain’t that bad.

Happy Sunday and a productive week to everyone. 😁

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    It's worse
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    For gaming , yes . Everything else? NO!
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    Your own OS is better.

    It will do what you want and updates will never come as a surprise.
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    This Mindset is bad. People like you are keeping it alive :'(
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    if we talk about win7, then maybe. Everything after that went downhill, and drowned in a river.
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    Unpopular opinion: maybe you need to put two and two together to see if something's bad in the eyes of beholder?
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    My even more unpopular opinion:

    - I tried windows. It succ.

    - I tried linux. It was beautyfull for first 20 seconds. Than I figured, it succ.

    - I tried macos. That poor little macbook almost flew thru closed window. It succ.

    I honestly think that there is no good OS (at least for me). Windows does annoying BS all the time, linux straight up breaks apart on my hands (I still dont understand why, although magic reboot heals it, 99% of times), and mac.. well, its mac.
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    When I open my windows, all kinds of bugs fly right in, making my life miserable.

    Windows and bugs are inseparable
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