I’m so tired of egocentric lying management executive types.

Executive: You should be thinking about how you speak to the “leadership”.

Me: How about stop lying, blaming me for your own mistakes, and then blackmailing?

Guy has never heard ‘no’ in his life.

Seriously, иди на хуй.

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    > Blames employee for his own mistakes, shames him for not working in the weekend, blackmails.

    > Employee proves he’s wrong while presents evidence X, Y, Z.

    *what the hell, employee is not gagging on my cock*

    > Be carefully while you speak to the “leadership”.

    *employee says he doesn’t deserved his respect*

    *executive super confused*
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    I’m venting out. Sorry folks
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    I feel like self-respect is the only thing I have left and somehow there are people who think it’s something you can buy or exchange. Demn.
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    And they are always so confused about it.
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    I love software engineering, but I just can’t deal with these type of people anymore. Too many times I’ve switched jobs due to this. Not sure what the fuck to do.
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    Corporate america created those type of Managers.
    I usualy ask the Manager about the difference between a Leader, and Boss. A leader takes responsibility, and covers for the team. A boss fucks the team over for his own advancement.
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    Totally feel you. Manipulative but charming asshole barking orders, talking in a forceful manner and overcommitting to higher management here.
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    @webketje Too accurate
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    Just fuck him up. Prepare a trap, get proof, look innocent and get him fired. Or blackmail him (not on "paper") into promotion and then get him fired. We're always at war with stupid people, man. Always.
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    @cprn I fucking hate drama though. Can’t stand it. I can’t even watch movies with drama genre. I’m just triggered too quickly, lol
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