I've been developing the same feature for 4 months now.

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    Whats the feature? Is that long in relation to how long you think it should go?
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    I think no feature should be so monolithic as to require 4 months of continuous dev time.

    1. Break it down to smaller, more manageable, testable deliverables.
    2. Use proper topic branches to avoid disrupting other smaller features.
    3. Have UX testing with wireframes, rather than updating design documents and specifications after development has begun.
    4. Enforce consistency with the rest of the application rather than developing everything as one off pieces.

    It's been a $&it-show all around.
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    Haha well definitely don't disagree with that, doesn't mean it doesn't happen because $&&)&(((!;!3&:$: reasons. 😩
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    @akatis - you sound bitter lol. I would be too
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    Same feature as in "we didn't have a design or idea of what we wanted" Or is it just a massive feature?
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    @Messer, both. We have a massive feature, we designed, but no one bothered to sit down and think about the UX implications, so now that we're about to release it, the main stakeholders/managers are bringing up issues with UX. Like getting rid of some screens, redesigning and merging others.
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