I am in a situation where I am tired to give suggestions or implement any improvements to the company's app. I am in a situation where I will just do as told, nothing more, nothing less.

Regardless of how many suggestions or improvements I had made, the boss is constantly sceptically asking for "BLACK AND WHITE " proof. Sometimes, something does not require proof but cause and effect. As the application constantly prompts a DataType issue, which is a common bug in this app! I declare datatype the issue went away.

I wonder how this application can go further when they declare every variable as `var`, not using `const` for constant value, and redundant methods everywhere, most methods are not specific (in dart when you do not specify the method, the method become `dynamic`), a long list of nested if-else for something can be easily solved with switch case, etc.

So, today, right now, I will revert every improvement, and keep the original structure. If anything goes wrong, I know why it happens (deep down I will say "I told you so"). I am here to work for food, not to reinvent the wheel.

I'm so exhausted to the point where I will just go along and tell my co-worker "as you wish"

No more me suggesting.
No more me giving ideas.
No more me pointing the mistakes .

I will let them find out themselves is much better than I say it, just to prevent getting unnecessary hatred from them.

The best punishment to give somebody is to never mention their mistake let their ego do the job of consuming them into ignorance and asleep, and never wake them up. Let them commit the same mistakes repetitively until them realised there's no way to revert.

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    I've encountered a similar situation , honestly it's frustrating to see how narrow minded people are

    These days only people who glorify their accomplishments and use that to get a better offer are praised and admired

    I guess you could use a code smell metric like sonar and show the improvement before and after
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    It's because you are passionate about delivering the best solutions possible, which is what every dev should aspire to achieve in their career.

    So when you say that you're exhausted, what you're really saying is, that the people in charge managed to choke and kill your passion towards what you chose to do for a living, and what you once loved doing.

    The world is full of egotistic and stupid people, my friend. The stupider someone is, the higher their ego will be, and vice versa.

    I really hope you get a better team to work with.
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    When you’re passionate about what you do and you can’t change your company because you’re surrounded by people who don’t share your passion then you need to change your company.

    Suppressing your passion will eat you alive. Move to where you feel appreciated and you can grow
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    @sam94 well this is a good suggestion!
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    @TrevorTheRat this is not normal comment . To me this is golden wisdom 😇
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