Making our software so useful and versatile that we can finally outcompete the asshole monopolist of a company that dominates the market right now.

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    they're not on top because their product is good. and therefore you can't beat them just with a good product.

    "the goal if business is not to provide the best service - but to provide the only service"- reacher gilt, from terry pratchetts "going postal"
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    @tosensei Yes, any competitor next to you, is one to many.

    Yet, alone, you can either be the villain (by asking a lot of money, force stuff) or a saint (reasonable prices, listening to the user-base)
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    Being useful and versatile won't be enough. Potential customers will have to be *aware* that your software is available and better.
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    World peace is easier.
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    @Grumm nope. you can't become the top dog by being a saint
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