30 minutes doing,
another 30 minutes undoing.

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    *same thing happens to Linux*
    Definitely my fault
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    Please turn off automatic updates. Or set your connection as metered connection in network settings.
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    @MCCshreyas do not do this. Either use windows and pay the price to keep it up to date and security patches installed or use Linux.
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    "I don't know how to configure the tools and equipment I use, who can I blame for it"
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    @DLMousey How can you blame configuration for a failed update installation​?
    In my 12 years of experience working with Windows update installations never took more than 10 minutes.
    And Microsoft should've figured out a way to install updates as a hidden proccess since xp instead of making system unusable for an hour. I would expect this stuff from a startup but It's just a shame for a company like Microsoft.
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    @runfrodorun I am not saying do not update your PC. I am just telling that make sure that you turn off automatic updates. So that it won't download it background unless and until you give permission to it. If updates are available it will simply fire a notification telling that updates are available. And it will provide you option to download it now or in later time. So that whenever you will get free time, update it. And be safe.
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    @MCCshreyas mmk I guess that's fair.
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    @runfrodorun Yeah. You know I don't update my PC though automatic updates. I keep looking on Windows blog once a week. So if there is any major update available I simply download its full ISO OS file. And upgrade my PC via it without any data loss. It's simple, easy. It just straight forward process.
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