There you are, fiddling with next.js webpack settings, because your isomorphic JS-in-CSS-in-JS SSR fallback from react-native-web to react-dom throws a runtime error on your SSR prerendering server during isomorphic asynchronous data prefetching from Kubernetes backend-for-frontend edge-server with GraphQL.

You have all that tech to display a landing page with an email form, just to send spam emails with ten tracking links and five tracking beacons per email.

Your product can be replaced by an Excel document made in two days.

It was developed in two years by a team of ten developers crunching every day under twelve project managers that can be replaced with a parrot trained to say “Any updates?”

Your evaluation is $5M+. You have 10,000 dependency security warnings, 1000 likes on Product Hunt, 500 comments on Hacker News, and a popular Twitter account.

Your future looks bright. You finish your coffee, crack your knuckles and carry on writing unit tests.

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    This is so real dude lol. I'm currently learning web development and I just laugh at how messed up a project in your average real condition is. I wonder how it was when JavaScript didn't have 300 frameworks.
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    "JS-in-CSS-in-JS" part made my hand updoot without thinking. So real.
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    Rewrite the whole thing and use no framework, HTML Supports this natively.
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    @max19931 We would if we were the ones in charge lol
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    Late to this but what a gem. Is it inevitable that overengineering becomes the norm in the JS ecosystem, and why?
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