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    I always say, it's safe to say, AI will supersceed humans.
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    If there's one company making all the robots, and that company is looking out for the interests of every human being in a very balanced way, then there are no problems.

    But just like with any other technology, there are many companies and institutions building robots and AIs, and for almost all of them, their primary function is to replace humans to run more profit without diverting wealth back to those who are now unemployed.

    Best case scenario, we end up in some startrek like meritocratic utopia where money is completely unnecessary, and everyone is free to play around, improve themselves and invest time in their hobbies.

    But from where we are now, I feel like there might be a lot of struggle to get there.
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    What about that one line of code which causes the robot to start looking too efficiently and effectively eliminates humans for their margin of error. Or using humans for power or slaves. Or simply forgetting about humans?
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