Might be a little bit naive but software engineers have so much power over the society. What is gonna happen if we turn everything off until we get what we want?

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    How do you want to turn things off?

    Throwing an EMP in the cloud center regions would certainly do damage, but that wouldn't be fully off.
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    There’ll always be another engineer to turn things back on
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    We have as much power over the things that we make as building builders have power over the buildings that they helped to build. Not much at all.
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    we have power over companies, not society. our job makes work faster and deliver more with less. that's important if you want to make a profit, but society was doing fine before computers
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    @darksideofyay Well the point is that an industry-scale action would mean huge damages, and the institutions are also using softwares.

    Now the thing is, I think that we're all relatively well paid, which means that there's no revendications at that scale, except if it's to help others in theirs
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