How can one "steal" a job anyways? Is not like there's a robot with a gun forcing your boss to fire you and give him the contact instead, which the robot is way better at anyways, producing no bugs and ten times the features you were able to do, and all that for a few bucks of electricity a day... FUCK, WE'RE DOOMED!!!

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    It's a figure of speech. What the question is asking is, what will you do as a developer if your job becomes automated. What is your plan b?
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    I am an automation engineer. So strictly speaking not the AI is taking your jobs, but me 😁
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    Some people in distant future can't say "didn't see that coming"
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    @Huuugo now we know who to blame. 😅 Seriously, though, it is eventually going to happen, and humanity will be better for it, once we solve the issues of having a meaningful occupation in such a world.
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    @iAmNaN in "such" a world? You sound like as if we actually had a reason in the current times
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