Sums up my life. And my property.

I'm bored! Mail me to email ID in https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup/... I may or may not reply. Cuz I may not remember the password for that email ID.

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    But why ?
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    I'm currently living in a shitty hostel during internship. That's why?!! I have to write a pretty darn big report in 2 days that's why?!! I need to socialise with people who are devs that's why?!! I'm bored of uninterested fucks around me.

    You don't understand my situation. If I mention privacy and pgp they'll be like - "nerd! Let's talk about shitty boring soaps" . Programming is a headache for a CS students around me. that's why?
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    @analogbits I feel you man... No place to drink a few beers?
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    @sho3k There are 2 states in my country where alcohol is prohibited. It's 1 AM now, imagine if there'd be any shop/bar open around.

    To be honest, I'd have to complete the report by morning. I've got some 8 hours left. I'm living on coffee ☕️.
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    @analogbits damn dude, can't even imagine a party without any XD.

    Yay deadlines...
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