"A good software developer writes good code. Better software developer deletes bad code."

Me, after using Generic types in some source code and deleting 250 lines effectively.

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    Would that mean a great/champion developer would not write code at all?
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    @theKarlisK no code means no bugs
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    @cafecortado Of course then there are the managers that think 'no code' languages are perfect, despite all that configuration being a form of code as well~
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    @cafecortado Amen, it is important to write as less code as possible. Fewer tests, fewer bugs.
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    Until you end up with an orphaned special case that isn't representable in the terms of any of your generics, so you start adding hooks to everything.
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    One parameter I follow to judge quality of code is bugs to loc.
    meaning 4/1000 is good. 2/1 is really bad.
    But negative loc? is da best.
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    @theKarlisK best developer doesn’t writes shit code but doesn’t accept it.
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