Class-action started against Microsoft and GitHub Copilot

Please don't fine them, just force any code written with Copilot to be released under GPL

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    Why? How do you tell if the code is GitHub copilot vs. Hand written vs. Stack overflow copied?

    What's the point of this?
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    Oh hell no commie license 🤮

    Besides that isn't even any better. The problem is that ms used code to train their model without respecting it's licensing terms. It makes zero difference whether the code copliot spits out is under no license or GPL. The training of the model is the problem
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    Agreeing with @Hazarth. If such measures would ever take place, they would produce more loopholes than justice.
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    @12bitfloat No commie license yet you give your code to Microsoft for free.
    If you want to make something proprietary, do it yourself, but if the author says you have to share the modification, well I'm afraid you have to.
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    @Hazarth Do you have to tell actually? Copying is copying.
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    @Tounai exactly, copying is copying. So why should GitHub Copilot be sued in a class action, or fined or released under GPL if no single individual that copies would be? Just because they are a company and we all big bad capitalisms? Yeah no, I don't give a single dam about GitHub Copilot, it's a good application of NN, but I don't need it. I'm good at automating my own boilerplate thank you very much
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