Damn, it's quite refreshing to work on some C#.NET microservices instead of the usual PHPTSD in the CMS Of Doom™...

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    Many want to hate it because of Microsoft, Java is better, etc. But honestly it’s come a long way and it’s a pretty good langage to use nowadays.
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    @Earu can confirm. I'm a corporat in house dev for all kinds of internal software needs, kinda locked in the MS infrastructure/environments. Lately been using .NET core and Blazor to rewrite our 20 year old internal apps. It's a breath of fresh air
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    I just wish I could work in more core stuff and not old framework projects :(
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    @Earu yeah I hate the biased hate. Always thought that C# was a nice language and a good addition to the MS suite however I don't like the MS ecosystem. So didn't have to much use for it and good maintained PHP is much more pleasant to work with than doing seats and sockets license calculations.
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