Easy - in 2012 got the best paying position possible for my specialty (SharePoint) in my country, and 2 years later the company transitioned away from relying on Microsoft stack, so I've been made redundant.

Found a job in another country, and decided to make a permanent move. My girlfriend at the time was brave enough and followed me. We got married there, and then both worked for the same company, then moved countries again because we could, but continued to work remote for the same company, then she dumped me, and I decided to stay put where I was geographically and happy to say since have found a wonderful partner and life is pretty swell (still working for that original company, 8 years and counting)

So yeah. Work impact.

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    Hunter-gatherers: migrate in search for food
    SharePoint devs: migrate in search for companies that still rely on Microsoft
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    @electrineer Damn straight. Snide remark aside, I'm now in a company with 50k+ ppl and an Azure dev, riding the Blazor wave. Couldn't be happier
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